Urban Living

Urban LivingUrban Living is a property agency based in London specifically devoted to the marketing of residential property and live/work accommodation which is a designed led particularly in an urban environment dealing with new build flats or conversions.

The agency specialises in residential loft and warehouse conversions. Established in 1994 located in Clerkenwell, it was one of the first agencies to recognise the emerging demand in London and the U.K. of the concept of 'Dwelling in the City'.

The attraction of living in town is an exciting and invigorating experience for an occupier who can take advantage of being able to enjoy the accessibility of their working environment during the day and having the facilities of entertainment, cultural activities and wining and dining all within minutes of where they choose to live.

One of the advantages of 'living in lofts' is that it provides an occupier with the opportunity to create their own living space as it allows them the scope to decide the amount of bedroom space, reception areas and accommodation and facilities that they may desire within their space.

Urban Living is able to offer a number of new and innotive developments which provide the more traditional style of accommodation or loft apartments which have long been a popular feature of the New York property scene now prominent in many cities in the U.K.

To contact or register with us please email sales@urbanliving.co.uk